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EXCLUSIVE: A centuries-old royal murder mystery ... solved? Plus, witnessing a humpback whale birth; nutritious Thanksgiving foods

Plus, foods to beat inflammation; online loneliness; and why are these U.S. towns named after roaches, worms, and pigeons?

Date: 20 Nov, 2023
Plus, foods to beat inflammation; online loneliness; and why are these U.S. towns named after roaches, worms, and pigeons?

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Plus, foods to beat inflammation; online loneliness; and why are these U. towns named after roaches, worms, and pigeons? PICTURES OF THE YEAR VIEW ONLINE PICTURES OF THE YEAR WHO KILLED THE TWO PRINCES? Monday, November 20, 2023In today’s newsletter, we get new insights into the murder of two heirs to the British throne, witness first-ever footage of a humpback whale giving birth . and learn that two vitamin supplements may do more harm than good. Plus, entering Bat Cave, North Carolina. PHOTOGRAPH BY ROYAL HOLLOWAY, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON, BRIDGEMAN IMAGESWhen their dad, the king, died, these two princes were locked away in the Tower of London before they disappeared from history. There were accusations of murder that landed at the feet of their uncle: Richard III. The fate of the Little Princes (depicted above) is one of history's greatest cold cases. Were they killed by their uncle, who locked them up and then became king, or did someone else get away with murder? A NEW TWIST STORIES WE’RE FOLLOWING NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICWitness: A humpback whale pushes her newborn son to the surface for his first breath (from National Geographic's new series, Incredible Animal Journeys, streaming on Hulu and Disney+). How Vitamin A and E supplements could do more harm than goodHow nutritious are your favorite Thanksgiving foods?What foods you really need to eat to reduce inflammationThe real story behind the man who kept the peace with the PilgrimsCenturies later, we’re learning the unvarnished history of the PilgrimsJackie Kennedy was in mourning even before that fateful Dallas tripJFK’s close friendship with musicial genius Leonard BernsteinHuge Space-X rocket suffers second in-flight explosionDoes ‘leaky gut’ cause diseases from depression to autoimmune disorders? Experts weigh in. Dazzling: The Pictures of the YearWHAT IN THE WORLD?PHOTOGRAPH BY JEROME GENCELive streaming—and loneliness: Back in 2019, this nation was among Asia’s vanguard in live streaming, which many say comes with a side helping of loneliness. (Above, Lala, one of the nation’s most famous live streamers, working from a hotel room. ) What nation is Lala in? A. The PhilippinesB. South KoreaC. SingaporeD. Taiwan CLICK FOR THE ANSWER IN THE SPOTLIGHTPHOTOGRAPH BY BRIDGEMAN IMAGESNapoleon and Josephine: This image depicts an extraordinary moment. A single mom, 32, her family’s fortune gone, has found a new husband, who is crowning her empress of France—and the most powerful woman in Europe. This tumultuous relationship is the topic of an upcoming blockbuster movie. WHAT HAPPENED? DO YOU KNOW?PHOTOGRAPH BY JOEL SARTORE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, PHOTO ARKTowns named for animals: Yes, American towns are named for bats, hippos, a beagle, even, um, worms? Nebraska and Minnesota have towns named Gibbon, but it’s not for the endangered Bornean white-bearded gibbon pictured above. So who—or what—is it named for? TAKE ME TO BAT CAVE, N. Today’s soundtrack: That Night in Hawaii When I Turned Into a Panther, André 3000Thanks for reading today’s newsletter! It was curated and edited by Jen Tse, Nancy San Martín, and David Beard. We’d love to hear from you, Do you think kindness still has a chance in this world? Let us know!SHOPDONATESUBSCRIBETRAVEL READ OUR LATEST STORIES SHOPDONATESUBSCRIBETRAVELClicking on the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and National Geographic Channel links will take you away from our National Geographic Partners site where different terms of use and privacy policy apply. This email was sent to: Zegister. Please do not reply to this email as this address is not monitored. This email contains an advertisement from: National Geographic | 1145 17th Street, N. | Washington, D. 20036Stop all types of future commercial email from National Geographic regarding its products, services, or experiences. © 2023 National Geographic Partners, LLC, All rights reserved.
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